About Us

Our History

With at least five generations of hoteliers in our family we knew what we wanted in a gin!

To get the quality and especially the freshness of botanicals we needed, we have to grow our key ingredients ourselves. We also didn’t want to skimp on the expensive elements of our recipe.

Our key botanicals are picked fresh in season and distilled within 24 hrs. Timing is everything. This means that when the season batch is sold, we do not produce until the next fruit is on the trees.

Our Brand

Who actually is Mary Monica?

She is our Great, Great Grandmother. She was a gutsy woman who lived through the depression-running pubs in Melbourne.

The story goes, in those tough times as the one whiskey bottle on the shelf emptied someone would be sent out to buy one more before the boys in the bar finished their round. We hope to emulate her strength, vitality, love of family, and larrikin nature in all we do.

There are 5 of us involved in the many areas of marketing, distilling, orchard, and farm. Paul, Gayle, James(distiller), Abbey and Luke.