We’re thrilled

It’s now 2023 and Mary Monica’s Is about to open our Gin distillery cellar door and cafe. Not just a gin and a website but a eight-year journey for our family.

The intention is to grow on our farm vibrant, strong botanicals that will produce gins that work fantastic neat, mixed or in a cocktail, without losing their intense flavours to the other ingredients.

Our key botanicals are picked fresh in season and distilled within 24 hrs. Therefore, once a season batch is sold, we will not produce more until the trees fruit again.



From our own Stag Lane Farm


Giving brightness and sparkle


Sometimes we all need a kick


Creamy and sweet

Follow our story

Mary Monica Gin lives on a regenerative citrus farm in the Yarra Valley. We nurture our soil and botanicals to produce the intense flavours found in our vibrant gin.

Our story begins with a love of Gin long before the artisan Gin society was established in Australia. Dry London, Citrus, and Sloe Berry products made up the majority of the Gins on offer back then. We favoured the citrus forward gins but always added extra fresh lime for added zing.

On one of our ski trips to Japan the idea that there are other amazing fruits that could excite the faithful gin lover and enhance a well-balanced gin basket was birthed. Our experimenting began. Oriental was produced. There are more recipes and ideas being tweaked and perfected for the future. However, while we wait for the botanicals to grow our humble beginning starts with “Oriental” a gin we are happy and proud to share with you.