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A punchy yet smooth, citrus gin that harbours the fresh flavours of Southeast Asia

This multi-layered gin starts with vibrant Lime on the nose then sweet cinnamon, peppery ginger and lemongrass that will linger on the palate. Our limes are picked off the farm and distilled within 24 hrs.

The oils we achieve with this process make for an amazing mouth feel and delicious flavour.

The tahitian lime tree in the backyard gave inspiration to the first batch and it hasn’t changed much since then.

The history of this Gin goes back long before gin became sexy again. His mum asked our distiller to create a lime-forward gin where she didn’t have to carry limes in her bag to her next social engagement.

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Yuzu forward. Need we say more

Loads of that sought-after special combined flavour profile of Grapefruit and Mandarin. Also picked and distilled within 24 hours.

With loads of fruit used to achieve the strength of flavour we require. This very special gin changes flavour when tonic is added.

Neat it begins with a grapefruit note and once the tonic is added mandarin comes forward and balances out with a little extra sweetness. We can credit our current venture to this unusual little fruit.

Hopefully you will agree that this is one of the truest and most Yuzu forward gins on the market.

Our love of the Yuzu fruit began many years ago on one of our ski trips to Japan. The boys were drinking sake and whisky. Not really Gayle's bag.

Once in production we soon recognised the challenges distilling this unique fruit. Determined to get this right; James our distiller was sent back to Japan to learn from the experts. The process has now grown and takes us a great deal longer; a lot more Yuzu.

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Gin Reaper


Chilli Crazy Distiller….
”I want to make a chilli gin”
Nervous Family…
“Oooh, are you sure?
What chilli are you thinking of”?
Chilli Crazy Distiller…”
Carolina Reaper

The chilli has beautiful flavour that most people don’t experience because they don’t have the chilli tolerance. I’ll just do a small batch as a trial”.

Three batches later; and it is one of our best sellers.

This is not just a gin with a chilli kick; it is designed to enhance the unique Carolina Reaper paired with botanicals to make this a special addition to any gin enthusiast’s bar.

The peppery notes make it fabulous in cocktails and very enjoyable in ginger beer. The family had to concede that it is very special.

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Wedding Gin

The story of this gin explains the botanicals

It is very close to the distiller’s heart as it was created as the favour for his wedding. Perplexed as to what to create for such a special occasion; it was decided to blend their two cultures. His, now wife, has Vietnamese ancestry and his is UK/Aus. English Lavender, Vietnamese Mint, English mint, Tia To and lemon myrtle complete this complex and delightful gin. It opens beautifully with tonic.

Kami’s Blessing

Kami in Japanese means spirit or God

Our name is a play on the whiskey phrases “angels share” and “devils cut”. They are both something that is lost in the process of making whiskey.

When making our yuzu gin we are left with some very boozy fruit which would normally be discarded. We “could not” throw yuzu away and decided to press it.

The result is stunning.

This by-product is then turned into a liqueur. Only a small percentage of bottles are produced with each distillation. We have a pre order waiting list for when it comes out. Feel free to join by sending us an email.